About Amersham Spiritualist Centre

After being in existence for over 30 years, we have earned ourselves a justifiably excellent reputation in the spiritualist community.

If you have already been to a spiritualist church you will find us to be quite different. We are not so much a church as a community, each of our members being like a family.

Our Committee is elected from within the ASC membership

First impressions are so important and everyone is given a warm welcome when they arrive. Fridays are our meeting days and by the time people start arriving for the service (usually about 7.15pm) some of us have already been hard at work preparing the hall.

Although we donít have our own building, we make the best use of Amersham Common Village Hall. Jean, our hard working and conscientious President arrives early to organise kettles for refreshments, cups and saucers, teas and coffees etc and with the help of a few of our regulars, chairs and tables are put out, ready for the service.

Unlike most churches, we are lucky enough to have an organist and a modern Yamaha keyboard. We donít sing traditional hymns - we prefer to be up-beat and really enjoy singing adaptations of modern songs such as 'We are sailing, We believe in angels and Lord of the Danceí. With full orchestral backing from the keyboard, everyone is happy to sing up and create a vibrant atmosphere. We even have our own songbook with songs that have been specially written for us.

We are affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union and that means we donít practise weird rituals. Nor are there any religious artefacts on display - we donít favour any religion, everyone from every creed is welcome. We do our best to be open and honest and we expect a high standard from our visiting mediums - many of whom are delighted to come to us on a regular basis.

During the service, apart from uplifting songs, there are a few prayers, an inspiring reading, an address from the medium, and about 40 minutes of spiritual demonstration, where the medium will bring evidence of survival. We do not tell fortunes and strive to give clear proof that our loved ones are still around.

Recently we have introduced short private readings after the service. We are lucky enough to have several members who are trained mediums and these readings (about 15 minutes long) are valuable because they give our mediums a chance to keep up their skills and also raise money for our main charity - the local Air Ambulance.

Healing is an important part of our way of life. During the service we dedicate time to meditation and healing.

We have about nine healers, many of whom are fully qualified, the rest being well into their two-year training program. Again, being SNU healers, we follow a strict code of practice and we strive to make the session peaceful and enjoyable. Each patient has a record card so that their progress can be monitored and everyone receives lovely healing energy from our team of healers.

Being a community, we enjoy sharing days out together. Each year we have a quiz, a garden party, a cream teas afternoon, sponsored walk, a trip to The Arthur Findlay College and anything else that we feel would be interesting or educational.

Christmas time is very special for us. Being non-denominational we donít call it Christmas, but our Winter Festival. Here, many of us volunteer to sing, read something, tell jokes, or act - anything to show our membersí amazing talents!

We hope this information gives you a favourable impression of Amersham Spiritualist Centre and spurred you on to pay us a visit. If you want to contact us first, please do. But please, pluck up the courage to come to a service, weíre sure youíll be pleasantly surprised and want to come again.

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