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Touched by an Angel

I came across a selfless soul who's pathway merged with mine
And felt comfort in the knowing our lives would intertwine.
Like a moth I was drawn to her with her exuberance of light
I hadn't realized I was stood in the dark till she came into sight.

She was burdened with many heavy loads placed well upon her back
Yet her smile and presence remained piercing as she struggled down her track.
I offered to carry what I could of all the burdens she was bearing,
But her nature wouldn't let me help, it was only for others that she was caring.

I studied her and found my heart was warmed by standing near
And found her qualities magnetic, her conscience oh so clear
As she struggled on I noticed a feather pure and white,
Was emerging from the loads she'd gained upon her plight.

Glancing back to see the way she'd been I noticed all the more
All the lives and places that she'd touched were much brighter than before
It was then that I realized who I'd met along my way
She was an earth bound angel, helping others, come what may.

Whoever she met would soon be touched, on their heart she'd have a hold,
She wouldn't leave til she'd took their burdens, and left their hearts now filled with gold.
For this selfless soul I would like to do a thousand and one things,
But most of all take all their burdens so they too could see their wings!

By Julian C.

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