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A powerful running river
Born out of a mountain spring
Fed by summer rain and winter snow
Where are you planning to go?
Squishing in between two mountains
Wandering down over rocks and falls
Past woods, where large oak trees
Mirror themselves in the water.
Constant changing your shape
Past farms and through bridges
Further to towns and villages
Past fields with grazing cows
Still the river carries its deep
Clarity and mystery.

With an overdose of rain, it will be flooding
Swallowing up towns, houses and streets
And covering the fields where sheep used to grazed.
The sound of the water, once tender, now angry
And we are only watching.

Do we understand the tale of the river?
It tells us that we are the same, sometimes.
We may be very angry, with many problems
And need to wash and purify our mind to
See the world in a better light
Like the river joins up in the sea
We join up better with the people
In our world around us.

By Antonia Elias

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