The Spiritualist Service

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Spiritualism is a recognised religion and we have services just like other religions. Amersham Spiritualist Centre is affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union.

The SNU service is non-denominational and there are no religions symbols. The service is chaired by a church member (usually a committee member) who introduces the speaker and demonstrator (medium). There may be more than one medium, or one may be there to lead the prayers and give a talk.

Just like many other religions, there is usually prayer and the singing of hymns or songs of praise at the start of the service.

SNU churches do not use prayer books - they feel that prayers are more meaningful if they come 'straight from the heart'.

We set aside time during the service for meditation and healing to be sent for friends and loved ones and those prayerful thoughts are extended to the world, which always seems to be in a state of turmoil. This may be followed by a few moments' silence.

At some stage the chairperson reads out some inspiring words. It may be a poem, magazine article, in fact anything that is relevant to the service.

This is usually followed by a talk by the medium or his companion. Often the talk is based on the reading. Usually, the aim of the talk is to teach philosophy, just like a sermon in a church. The speaker may give an inspired talk by going into light trance and allowing the spirit world to speak through him. Or he may just relate a story to make people think.

There may be a further hymn or song before the medium is asked to demonstrate communication with the spirit world. The medium ‘tunes in’ to a spirit communicator and finds a recipient for the message. He does his best to get as much evidence as possible to prove who the spirit message is from.

There is usually time for several such messages before the chairperson thanks the medium and the service continues with a song, closing prayer and notices.

We offer refreshments after the service, which gives people a chance to make friends and have a chat and on the first Friday of each month this is followed by a special healing session.

If you would like to visit our Centre but would like to talk to someone or meet them first please contact our secretary whose details are on the 'Contact us' page.

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