Spiritualism is not only a recognised religion, but a way of life. The core to our belief is that there is no 'death', only a transition of the soul from one state of existence to another.

In a spiritualist church service a medium will spend some time attempting to prove survival beyond death and he or she is trained to be sensitive to thought transmittal from the spirit world.

However, there is far more to spiritualism than 'talking to the dead'. We try to treat our world and its inhabitants with respect, and on the whole, believe in the saying 'do as you would be done by'

Many spiritualists use the 'seven principles' as a guideline. There is no fixed creed or dogma, and we can accept or reject whatever makes sense to us. There is no compulsion to worship at set times of the day or week, recite prayers, pay homage or take part in rituals.

We are not taught spiritualism, rather learn through listening, reading, talking and exchanging ideas.

Like most other religions, most spiritualists believe in a God, although we may think of God in different ways. Spiritualists often think of God as a divine source from which everything comes and eventually returns.

We believe that love is the most powerful emotion and that it should be unconditional. We also believe that spiritual healing is a divine gift and we should never judge our patients, but give healing with love and compassion.

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